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Boston, MA 02108


About Us


Boston Jewelers Exchange: The Jewelers of Downtown Crossing


Since 1922, The Jewelers Exchange Building has served as the number one source for diamonds and jewelry for the city of Boston and beyond, for both retail customers as well as suburban jewelry stores on a supplier level. 

Today, the building is home to over 155 independent  jewelers specializing in diamonds, colored gems, pearls, time pieces, sterling and services such as appraising and engraving.  The unique structure of the building- wholesalers, manufacturers and retail jewelry stores all under one roof- is one of the great strengths of the Jewelers Exchange Building.  These jewelers have direct access to the finest materials and expert crafts people.


Decades of Customer Loyalty

Ask a family member, friend or co-worker, where to shop for an important piece of jewelry and you will be sent to the Jeweler’s Exchange Building of Boston.  These jewelers, many of whom have been here since the 40’s, are now selling beautiful jewelry to the grandchildren of their original customers.  “Why?” you make askWhile corporate jewelers open chains in shopping malls and online jewelers attempt to engage customers through clicks of the mouse, the owners and expert craftspeople in the Boston Jewelers Exchange maintain the same core principal business values they’ve followed over the past century: quality merchandise straight from the craftsperson’s hands at tremendous values; accountable business owners whose last names adorn their craft; and an intense customer service model. This forging of a relationship between the customer and jeweler is the norm at the Boston Jewelers Exchange, not the exception. Establishing strong relationships with its customers and having those customers refer their family members and friends are its cornerstone.